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Paul works as a Director of Photography and lives in Scotland, with a base in London and Northern Ireland.

He started lighting in 1991 and worked on TV Drama, documentaries, music videos, commercials and second unit on several features.

At the moment Paul’s mainly shooting commercials and has also been getting back to his roots in drama and feature work, as well as cinematography consultant on several high profile video games.

He has the invaluable experience of filming in over fifty countries and has worked in many demanding environments, including jungles, deserts, remote islands, mountains,  and has even had to bunk up at the occasional seven star hotel. (Paul holds a current American work visa).

“One of the many facets I love about this business, is that you never stop learning and there are always challenging and unexpected curveballs which all add to the fun. Okay, sometimes they’re no fun but thinking on your feet and quickly solving tricky problems is often more rewarding than the creative input”.

Thanks again for looking and Paul’s latest resume is available on request.